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City Transformation Center provides supervised visitation and safe visitation exchange of children and youth between parents

in situations involving domestic violence, dating violence, child sexual abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. The safety of both the children and the adult victims is our highest priority. We believe that maintaining family contact and regular visitation helps preserve a child’s attachments to his or her parents, siblings and other family members, and can lessen both the child’s and the parents’ anxiety about the child being placed in substitute care. We therefore provide a safe space for children to visit with their non-custodial parent and help keep them safe during exchanges and visitation.


Supervised Visitation is first and foremost about the child’s need for a safe, caring, child-positive setting in which to visit a non-custodial parent. 

Information from these court-ordered visits is recorded and reported to the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare.


Safe Exchange provides a secure, place for court-appointed exchanges between parents. It allows the child to be exchanged from one parent to the other without being exposed to the conflict of the parents.


We offer transportation for your children to-and-from their visits with the non-custodial parent if you have a court order. 

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